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Automation Interface

  • Integrate KLIPPEL with other hard- and software
  • Speeds up repetitive tasks
  • Simplifies user interface
  • Automates task sequences
  • Convert KLIPPEL results to any format you like
  • Use one of many script and programming environments supported

The KLIPPEL Automation Interface (AUTO) provides programmers access to KLIPPEL measurements and simulations and to the databases that store settings and results. The COM/ActiveX interface can be used in many programming and script environments, such as Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic.NET, C#, Delphi or other containers like Microsoft Excel.
All measurement and simulation modules can be used in standalone mode and provide immediate access to setups, operation control and results. They also support automatic data binding to a KLIPPEL database and to KLIPPEL display components which are included in the Automation Interface (AUTO).

With little programming effort, repetitive tasks can be automated, simplified and integrated with other programs. Modern programming environments provide the tools to quickly create a custom user interface which makes specific tasks easy to understand and which avoids mistakes by the operator.




The screenshot shows the operation of all measurement and simulation modules (LSI, LPM, TRF, ...) by a VBA script imbedded in Microsoft EXCEL.

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