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R&D System

R&D System –  The Development Tool of Audio Technology

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The Klippel R&D System comprises the hardware Distortion Analyzer, the project management software dB-Lab and many modules for all kinds of measurements.
The system offers every-day acoustical tests, small and large signal parameter measurement (including T/S parameters), distortion measurements, accelerated life and power testing, simulation and auralization modules. It measures all kind of speakers, from micro-speakers to subwoofers as well as audio systems.
Accessories like lasers, microphones, power amplifier and mounting stand complete the test setup.
The Scanning Vibrometer System is an add-on, using the Distortion Analyzer hardware, special software and accessories for cone vibration and radiation analysis.
Other add-ons are offered for cone and spider testing (SPM) and speaker material measurement (MPM).