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Rocking Mode Analysis (RMA)

The Rocking Mode Analysis (RMA) uses the vibration data of a non-dense scanner measurement and the linear parameters of a loudspeaker driver to perform complete diagnostics on rocking modes. The quality of driver components such as diaphragms, suspension parts, magnetic circuits and other problems in the assembling process are revealed. The module provides information about the energy levels of the rocking modes, the magnitude and direction of the unbalanced forces produced by mass, stiffness and Bl asymmetries. A complete set of modal parameters associated to the transfer resonators between these forces (root causes) and the final tilting energy of the diaphragm (symptoms) is provided. Especially suited for microspeaker and headphone-transducers.

Features and Benefits

TV speaker with a critical rocking mode generated by an unknown cause

Dominant root cause
Location of imbalances
Modal analysis
Short time scanner measurement
Reveals rub&buzz causes
Detects systematic errors
Assesses asymmetric acoustic loads
Optimizes loudspeaker stability

Modal Analysis

Extract the modal parameters defining the direction of the rocking modes and the transder resonators which transforms the small asymmetrical forces into a high rocking vibrations.


The rocking mode analysis module uses an optimal system identification scheme allowing identifying the irregular parameters automatically by minimizing the error between the model and the displacement scanner measurements.

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