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Micro Suspension Part Measurement (MSPM)

The Micro Suspension Part Measurement (MSPM) is designed for the measurement of the small and large signal parameters of small suspension parts (micro speakers, headphones, tweeters, microphones). The suspension part is glued or clamped into a panel and clamped onto a sealed pressure chamber. The diaphragm is deflected by the sound pressure generated by a sensitive midrange transducer as used in horn loaded PA equipment. The parameters Resonance frequency, Q-factor, stiffness, moving mass and mechanical resistance are determined dynamically by a simultaneous measurement of displacement and sound pressure.

  • Specification of suspension parts
  • Optimal driver design in R&D
  • Defining mechanical limits
  • Measurement of the nonlinear stiffness K(x) of bare membranes without attaching to a loudspeaker
  • Suspension parts of micro speakers, headphones, tweeters and microphones
  • Small membranes (diameter <7cm)

Demo Video (Introduction)

MSPM Pro and MSPM Lite


Measurement of resonance frequency & Q-factor and identification of linear parameters:

  • Stiffness
  • Moving mass
  • Mechanical resistance R


All features of MSPM Lite
Additional feature: measurement of the nonlinear stiffness K(x)

MSPM Bench

The MSPM Bench is a small pressure chamber designed to produce high sound pressures. It is used to pneumatically excite a clamped small diaphragm passively to monitor its vibration behavior. A sealed outlet is used for a microphone to measure the sound pressure in the chamber directly.





KLIPPEL Analyzer 3 OR Distortion Analyzer 2 hardware
dB-Lab Software
MSPM Software
TRF - Transfer Function
LPM - Linear Parameter Measurement
MSPM Bench
Laser LK-H52
Power Amplifier

Laser Positioning:
LST Bench, Pro Stand or SCN Vibrometer


Germany: 102007005070; USA: 8,078,433B2; China: ZL200810092055.4; Japan: 5364271; India: 162/DEL/2008

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