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What's New in dB-Lab 210 - QC 6.7

What's New in dB-Lab 210 - QC 6.7

The KLIPPEL Analyzer System has received another minor software update for both R&D and QC applications. It is free of charge for any users of dB-Lab major version 210 or QC 6, respectively. Even better, the update provides two new relevant tools for output-based testing of contemporary DSP-enhanced speakers, headphones and other audio systems according to IEC 60268-21 (additional modules and accessories required).

What’s new in dB-Lab 210 – QC 6.7

Preview: SCN Near Field Add-On (SCN-NF)

The Klippel Scanning Vibrometer System (SCN) gets a powerful add-on for acoustic testing. Thus, the hardware is extended with a microphone in addition to the existing laser sensor. Together with a baffle for measuring transducers up to 10” / 30 cm in diameter or compact (smart) speakers, it provides acoustic near field scanning technology to the SCN. Please note: The SCN-NF add-on will be launched in April 2021. The series production will start soon. Please contact for placing a pre-order or for further information.

SCN Near Field Add-On (SCN-NF)


Module Extension

The Transfer Function Measurement (TRF) module also got an extension for automatic testing at multiple excitation levels. The new TRF Voltage Stepping (STEP) module (Pre-Release) works with the TRF operation, simplifying the test procedure and the graphical result display. Please note: The TRF Voltage Stepping is a pre-release module in dB-Lab 210. The release is scheduled with the next major update dB-Lab 212. Want to try out now? Please contact for getting an evaluation license.

  TRF Voltage Stepping (STEP)


A full overview of the new update can be found in the information sheet What’s new in dB-Lab 210 – QC 6.7 and also in the Chinese (dB-Lab 210 – QC 6.7 新功能介绍).

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