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As Simple as Possible

The workflow using the QC system is tailored to the demands of end-of-line testing. It offers powerful features while the setup and complexity is minimized. Supported by modular tasks, templates and a distinct user interface, an operator is trained within minutes. A task comprises optimal settings for stimulus, hardware setup and analysis. Only a few parameters need to be adjusted for a suitable test.
Full traceability of all changes, foolproof operation using barcodes  and  visual  illustrations  ease  and  assure  efficient  QC operation.

  • Intuitive, multi-lingual user interface
  • Many templates for typical applications
  • Predefined tasks with optimal stimulus
  • Separate access for engineer and operator
  • All settings, limits and results stored in one file
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Same software framework as R&D System


Test Management

The QC Start is a simple yet efficient software framework exclusively designed for daily QC business.

  • Simplify test and data management
  • Simple test selection by barcode
  • Define operator rights and instructions
  • Synchronize multiple production lines
  • Access remote online support

Getting Started

One instruction sheet guides the QC engineer and operator through the start-up phase.