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Balanced Armature Check (BAC)

Optional Module for the KLIPPEL QC Framework

Balanced Armature Check

The performance of balanced armature transducers depends on the rest position of the armature, which should be properly centered in the magnetic gap. An offset generates excessive nonlinear distortion and reduces the peak excursion and acoustical output. Measuring the armature offset of the final transducer is hardly possible with mechanical or optical sensors.

The  Balanced  Armature  Check  is  a  unique  measurement  tool dedicated to testing electro-magnetic transducers on the production  line.  The  armature  offset  in μm  and  effective  linear parameters are determined from a purely electrical, high-speed measurement.  This  gives  valuable  diagnostics  information  to minimize rejection rate.

  • Armature offset in μm
  • Patented large signal identification
  • High speed test: 0.5 - 2 s
  • Linear parameters: Refs, QtsLe
  • Peak excursion of armature (without laser)
  • Immune to production noise


Software: QC Standard or R&D Software version 210 or higher (+ BAC license)
KLIPPEL Analyzer 3 (KA3) or Production Analyzer (PA)
Amplifier or KA3 equipped with QC Card or Amplifier Card

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Germany: 10 2013012811; USA: US9,326,066B2; China: 2014 103 769646; Korean: 10-1647315

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