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Join us for part 2 of the KLIPPEL LIVE web-seminars

The second session of the KLIPPEL LIVE webinar series Acoustical Testing of Sound System Equipment According to IEC 60268-21 will address performing standard measurements in a normal room using simulated free-field conditions.
Part 2: Standard Acoustical Test Performed in Normal Rooms 
  • Date: Wednesday, 29th April 2020
  • Time: 5:00 - 5:30 pm (Central European Time)
  1. Problems in practical free-field measurements
  2. Alternatives: SIMULATED free-field conditions
  3. The practical limits of direct sound windowing
  4. A powerful solution: Near Field Scanning
  5. Practical Demo in an office room
  6. Questions and Discussion
More information and the previous webinars are available on our KLIPPEL LIVE site.

Monday, 2020-04-20 11:31 Age: 2 Years