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Difference Auralization (DIF-AUR)

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic alignment of input signals in time
  • Isolation of difference signal (no model is employed)
  • Scaling of difference signal to enhance or attenuate distortion
  • Automatic leveling of auralization output
  • Export of auralization output to WAVE files
  • Distortion analysis and frequency domain analysis  


  • Combines subjective and objective evaluation
  • Isolates all kinds of regular and irregular distortion (also rub & buzz)
  • Exported files may be used for listening tests or perceptual simulation
  • Sensitization of listeners to defect symptom
  • Communication of sound quality to nontechnical colleagues to define target performance
  • Determine critical test signals


dB-Lab software
high quality reproduction system (headphones)


International Electrotechnical Commission
IEC 60268-13, IEC 61305-5, IEC 62458

International Telecommunication Union
ITU-R Recommendation BS. 1116, ITU-R Recommendation BS. 1534-1


USA: 8,964,996B2

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