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Advertise with KLIPPEL

Use the logo "VERIFIED WITH KLIPPEL" to show to your customer that you are using powerful tools to ensure highest quality of your products.
Learn more about the qualification program:

Terms for using the Logo

1. Definitions 

LOGO means the above logo: “VERIFIED WITH KLIPPEL”.
APPLICANT means a person, company or cooperation applying to use the LOGO at any of its PRODUCTS or advertisements.
PRODUCT means a complete audio system, a loudspeaker, a headphone, a transducer or other components.
KLIPPEL means the company Klippel GmbH, having its place of business in Dresden/Germany.
2. Certificate
a) The Certificate to use the LOGO will apply to a specifically named Product. The APPLICANT will provide KLIPPEL the product type name and number and the release year.
b) After having successfully checked the requirements, KLIPPEL will issue an official Certificate to the APPLICANT, allowing the use of the LOGO for this specifically named PRODUCT.
c) In no event arises a legal right to use the LOGO except through an explicit approval by KLIPPEL. KLIPPEL reserves the right to grant this approval.
d) KLIPPEL reserves the right to revoke the approval, if the APPLICANT does not comply with the requirements.
3. Qualification Program
To qualify for using the LOGO the APPLICANT shall comply with all 4 of the following requirements:

1) The APPLICANT either
a) owns a KLIPPEL R&D SYSTEM or
b) uses the measurement service of a consultant who owns KLIPPEL R&D SYSTEM and the APPLICANT provides to KLIPPEL the following information of the consultant: name, address, serial number of used KLIPPEL R&D SYSTEM. 

2) The developer of the PRODUCT has participated in one of the following educational programs:
a) 2 or 3-day University Lecture on “Sound Quality of Audio Systems” by Wolfgang Klippel
b) Open seminar, company seminar or user training on loudspeaker measurements presented by KLIPPEL engineers
c) Successfully completed 3 or more trainings from KLIPPEL’s E-Learning program available on the website.

3) The KLIPPEL QC SYSTEM was used in the manufacturing of the PRODUCT. The APPLICANT will provide KLIPPEL the following information of the manufacturer: name, address, serial number of used KLIPPEL QC SYSTEM. 

4) A handling fee will be paid to KLIPPEL.
Note: Each loudspeaker/audio product design is a compromise between performance, effort, material and cost. The designer/manufacturer is responsible for the quality of the product. KLIPPEL will check the test equipment and the expertise for good speaker design in the company. KLIPPEL cannot assess the quality of the product. 

Terms effective as of January 19th, 2017.
Subject to changes.
If you are interested to qualify for using the Logo, please contact info(at)klippel(dot)de