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Tone Burst Measurement (TBM)

Features and Benefits

  • CEA2010 compliant measurement
  • Variable burst cycles
  • Flexible filtering for peak measurement
  • Monitor 2nd state signal (displacement, current, voltage)

The TBM Module provides an automatic tone burst measurement sequence based on Standard ANSI/CEA-2010. Using a fully adjustable tone burst stimulus, the maximum sound pressure level is measured. For a user defined set of frequencies, the measurement is automatically repeated with increased input level. If the distortion in the sound pressure has reached a user defined threshold, the measurement is stopped and the peak SPL is reported. Optionally, a second state signal (displacement, current or voltage) is measured simultaneously.  

The Burst measurement module is designed to run band limited burst measurements versus input voltage and frequency. The results are evaluated in the frequency domain towards a threshold curve. For each frequency, the voltage is increased until the threshold curve is reached. The highest voltage not below the threshold curve is used to calculate the peak level of this state signal (according to CEA2010).


Klippel Analyzer 3

dB-Lab Software

Power Amplifier 
• Computer

Templates coming with the TBM module

TBM ANSI/CEA2010AMaximum SPL measurement according to Standard ANSI/CEA-2010-A
TBM ANSI/CEA2010BMaximum usable Sound Pressure Level - Peak measurement according to Standard ANSI/CEA-2010-B
TBM ANSI/CEA2034On-Axis Maximum Sound Pressure Level - Peak measurement according to Standard ANSI/CEA-2034

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Consumer Electronics Association
CEA-2010-A (ANSI), CEA-2010-B (ANSI), CEA-2034 (ANSI)

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