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Linear Simulation (LSIM)

Features and Benefits

  • Fast lumped parameter simulation
  • Linear model valid at small amplitudes
  • SPL response, transfer functions, impedances
  • Any stimulus (music, test signal)
  • Efficiency and voltage sensitivity
  • Common enclosure types and complex loads
  • Acoustical parameters from geometrical input

The LSIM Linear Simulation module provides comprehensive capabilities to simulate the linear transfer behavior of transducers and loudspeaker systems, as well as possibilities to incorporate DSP based system equalization for active systems. Based on lumped parameter modeling, transfer functions and measures used to design a system in its target application are available, including sound pressure level SPL(f), displacement Hx(f), power efficiency η(f), voltage sensitivity. All parameters can be specified by the user. In addition, the LSIM features an easy to use, geometrical based design for system enclosures, which is fully compatible with other Klippel simulation modules (such as SIM Simulation, or SIM AUR Simulation / Auralization).


Test Hardware

License Dongle (USB) 



International Electrotechnical Commission
IEC 60268-5, IEC 60268-7, IEC 60268-21, IEC 60268-22, IEC 62458, IEC WD 63034

European Standards
BS EN 54-24, BS EN 50332

Audio Engineering Society

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