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Sound Pressure (SPL)

Task of the QC STANDARD Software and Optional Module for the R&D System

Features and Benefits

  • Optimized for quality control applications, such as end-of-line testing
  • Included in the Klippel QC Standard Software package
  • Fast testing with high sensitivity: amplitude and speed shaping (testing from 200 ms for full bandwidth)
  • Production noise detection to avoid false rejects
  • Limits, grades for all measures
  • Online yield, Cpk/Ppk, control rules
  • Comprehensive analysis based on chirp / sine sweep for acoustic, mechanical and electrical signals according to IEC 60286

    • Amplitude frequency response, opt. windowing
    • Average level, multiple band level
    • Phase, polarity, time delay
    • Harmonic distortion (THD, 2nd-5th)
    • Track down defects: Rub&Buzz, HOHD, air leakage noise

The Sound Pressure Task (SPL) is a universal measurement task optimized for QC applications for all kinds of electrical, mechanical and acoustical signals in the time and frequency domain. The excitation signal is a logarithmic chirp that allows very fast testing of the most important acoustic characteristics over the full bandwidth in no more than 200 ms according to IEC standard 60268-5 and 21. The chirp signal provides a dense excitation spectrum, giving higher frequency resolution than a stepped sine sweep.
The SPL offers outstanding sensitivity for all kinds of distortion caused by undesired dynamics (e.g. rocking modes), manufacturing problems and defects (e.g. Rub & Buzz). Detecting defects with the highest sensitivity requires robustness against any external noise from production (EoL) or in a lab environment (RnD) which is included in this task.


Optional Extensions

Options operate as plug-ins and extend the functionality of this task. 
No additional test time is required, all options use or modify the excitation of this task. 

Add-Ons (to purchase):
Meta Hearing Technology (MHT):
  Defect detection beyond human hearing
Production Noise Immunity (PNI):
  Coping with noisy environment
External Synchronization (SYN):
  Synchronize digital audio (e.g. Bluetooth) and trigger open-loop tests
Air Leak Detection (ALD):
  Detect air leaks in transducers and audio systems
Spectrogram 3D Limits (3DL)
  Powerful and intuitive defect (Rub&Buzz) analysis based on auditory time/frequency (spectrogram) analysis
Dynamic DC Check (DCX):
  Measurement of AC/DC displacement with laser (DC input modification of Production Analyzer hardware
Hi-2 Weighted Harmonic Distortion (Hi-2):
• Perceptive Metrics based on the Human Ear (QC-EAR)

Features Libraries (free of charge):
Calculate SPL Resonances
Provides resonance frequency and peak value for peaks in definable bands. 
  Can be checked against limits.
Sequence Control: 
   Repeats or skips measurement tasks with or without user interaction.
Square Wave Stimulus: 
Provides square wave chirp instead of sine chirp.


Test Hardware

License Dongle (USB)



  • included in QC Standard from version 1.0

    • Not available for QC Basic

  • Available as module for R&D Software 210 or higher 


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