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Motor + Suspension Check (MSC)

Optional Modules for the KLIPPEL QC Framework

Features and Benefits

  • Voice coil offset in mm
  • Stiffness asymmetry in %
  • Results comparable to R&D System
  • Root cause information for diagnostics and process control
  • Ensure maximum output and reliability
  • Ensure consistency of production
  • Ultra-fast testing at physical limit
  • No additional sensors required (based on V, I)

The QC Motor + Suspension Check is a unique tool for high-speed  identification of nonlinear driver parameters on the production line. Based on patented KLIPPEL technology, effective linear and nonlinear parameters (Bl(x) and Kms(x)) are identified to derive meaningful single value parameters like voice coil offset and suspension asymmetry. This provides valuable information for taking immediate action to fix the causes of loudspeaker distortion. The driver under test may be operated in free air as well as in sealed or vented enclosures, giving additional enclosure parameters (fbQb). Neither microphones nor mechanical sensors (lasers) are required, as all information is provided by the electrical input current, making the measurement immune to ambient noise.

Test Objects

The MSC can be applied for testing:

  • (sub)woofers
  • midrange drivers
  • micro-speakers
  • headphones
  • tweeters
  • (sub)woofer or midrange drive unit in vented box

Demo Experiment

The figure below illustrates the sensitivity of the MSC by measuring the influence of gravity on the voice coil position. The measured value of 12 micrometer corresponds to the predicted value using linear and nonlinear parameters.

the sensitivity of the MSC



License Dongle (USB)




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