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KLIPPEL LIVE - Free of charge web-seminars


This format is an informative new webinar series as we continue to educate and support loudspeaker designers and manufacturers around the globe. To kick this off, we start with a 15 part series about "Acoustical Measurement of Sound System Equipment according to IEC 60268-21". In this site you will find the currently newest KLIPPEL Live Parts and all further information about previous and next series of KLIPPEL LIVE web-seminars.


The first KLIPPEL LIVE series have started with a 15 part web-seminar about using the IEC 60268-21 acoustical measurement standard, perfect for anyone working with speakers, headphone and other audio devices.

This includes practical information regarding:

  • Quickly and accurately measuring in normal, non-anechoic rooms
  • Comprehensive distortion testing
  • Linking physical and perceptual evaluation


More Information

Electrical and Mechanical Measurement of Transducers and Systems according IEC 60268-22

The second KLIPPEL LIVE series will address the following points:

  • Considering fundamental physical relationships
  • Exploiting the power of loudspeaker modelling (lumped, modal, finite element, system oriented…)
  • Identification of free model parameters
  • Optimal design and product development
  • Consequences for DSP development
  • and much more 

More information will follow soon.

Web-Seminar Overview

Series 1: Acoustical Measurement of Sound System Equipment according to IEC 60268-21Replay WebinarHandout中文版讲义
1. Modern Audio Equipment Needs Output Based Testing                                Link Session 1


课程 1
2. Standard Acoustical Tests Performed in Normal Rooms LinkSession 2


课程 2
3. Drawing Meaningful Conclusions from 3D Output Measurement LinkSession 3


课程 3

4. Simulated Standard Condition at an Evaluation Point 

LinkSession 4KLIPPEL腾讯视频课程 4
5. Maximum SPL – Giving this Value Meaning LinkSession 5KLIPPEL腾讯视频课程 5
6. Selecting Measurements with High Diagnostic Value LinkSession 6KLIPPEL腾讯视频课程 6
7. Amplitude Compression – Less Output at Higher Amplitudes LinkSession 7KLIPPEL腾讯视频课程 7

8. Harmonic Distortion Measurements – Best Practice 

LinkSession 8KLIPPEL腾讯视频课程 8
9. Intermodulation Distortion – Music is More than a Single Tone LinkSession 9KLIPPEL腾讯视频课程 9
10. Impulsive Distortion - Rub&Buzz, Abnormal Behavior, Defects LinkSession 10KLIPPEL腾讯视频课程 10
11. Pitfalls in Testing Wireless Audio DevicesLinkSession 11KLIPPEL腾讯视频课程 11
12. Benchmarking of Audio Products Under Standard ConditionsLinkSession 12KLIPPEL腾讯视频课程 12
13. Auralization of Signal Distortion – Perceptual EvaluationLinkSession 13KLIPPEL腾讯视频课程 13
14. Setting Meaningful Tolerances for Signal Distortion LinkSession 14KLIPPEL腾讯视频课程 14
15. Rating the Maximum SPL Value for a Product LinkSession 15KLIPPEL腾讯视频课程 15

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